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Light entrepreneurship2022-02-22T23:07:28+00:00

Meeting place for work.

Smart Workers is a meeting place for light entrepreneurs and those in need of labour force.

Work at your own conditions.2021-12-13T11:22:38+00:00

Light entrepreneurship is for you when you want to work when it suits you, or there is not yet enough work to establish your own company. As a light entrepreneur, you decide when and how you do your work.

An easy way to do side jobs alongside your main job!2021-12-13T11:21:35+00:00

Do you need additional income alongside your primary work or studies?

We enable you to invoice one-off jobs or test your wings in an entirely new business sector.

Would you like to try entrepreneurship before actually setting yourself up as an entrepreneur?2021-12-13T11:20:20+00:00

We offer you a safe and easy way to start entrepreneurial work.

  •     Agree on a mandate
  •     Carry out the work
  •     prepare an invoice

Paperwork and tax notices may feel tough to an entrepreneur. However, when working as a light entrepreneur, we carry out the paperwork on your behalf.

You don’t need your own company or business ID!

Invoice through our service as a light entrepreneur or acquire labour force for your company through our networks. Our objective is to make working and recruiting labour force as cost-effective and straightforward as possible.

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