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Work in Finland

Work in Finland2021-12-21T08:25:32+00:00

Work in Finland

Finland is the happiest country in the world. Start your career here and be happy too!

Smart Workers helps you to build a career in Finland. We are hiring professional workers for example to health care, construction and welding industrials. We have customers all around in Finland who need manpower. We have also connections to Russia if you are interested to work there.

We will help you to entry on Finland and find an apartment. We also offer you Finnish language courses.

Why to work in Finland?2021-07-13T05:37:20+00:00

Good salary

Safe place to live

Beautiful nature starts right at your front door

Free occupational health

Average gross salary examples:

Health care: 1700–2700 €

Welding industrial: 2200–2800 €

Electrician: 2700–3100 €

Plumber: 2800-3000 €

Smart Workers is a personnel service company in Finland. We are the link between employee and employer. We offer temporary staff, help in recruiting process and find the best professionals who are willing to work. Working as an agency worker in Pätäkkä.fi is safe, simple and profitable!

Check out also our other service providers: www.jjhlaw.fi

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